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Breathless (A story about doctors in Africa)

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"Ana was a heart throb, a blonde with a blunt cut and dimple cheeks"

Written by Suresh Kumar

From Punjab, India

For Diario Literario Digital 

(Digital Literary Journal)

Ana was a heart throb, a blonde with a blunt cut and dimple cheeks, a very beautiful girl in the final year of her MBBS, when she met Brandon who was just posted to the Lady Erwin college and hospital. He was doing his MS in general surgery. They were so busy with their work that the little time they got for themselves was spent in cuddling, kissing and making love. 

They were a popular couple. Ana belonged to a family of doctors and they had a family clinic of their own. Her parents wanted her to join them immediately after she finishes her internship. Ana did that and moved in with Brandon instead. Probably she was convinced that her life belongs with him only, she was in love. Her parents were upset. They wanted her to focus on her career first.

She wanted to take few months off before accepting her first  job and obtaining her post graduation in medicine. Like any other girl she wanted to travel a bit with the love of her life but Brandon had goals of his own, he wanted to go to Africa on a Red Cross mission. Soon she realized that Brandon was arrogant and very selfish too but she was seduced by his charms and now he was treating her like a child, always lecturing and expecting her to be his maid. She was feeling helpless. She didn’t want to lose him at any cost whereas Brandon was taking her for granted.

He won and they both moved to Africa and eventually got married and within a year they had a son and they called him Tom. Ana was very happy. Brandon on the other hand didn’t care much. He would hardly lift Tom. Ana was going into a depression, she wanted out of that life immediately as he was getting less caring day after day towards her and Tom. She spoke to her parents and filed for the divorce. Brandon signed the divorce papers like a medical prescription. It was even worse, she loved him so bad. She cried and cried.

Ana returned home with Tom who was now 4 years old and was ready to go to a play school. Brandon never called but it was Tom who would ask Ana to call him all the time, he was a kid and he didn’t understand why parents do not live together after a divorce. With time things started getting better and Tom started to enjoy his school with his friends. He would always talk about his father to all his friends, he missed him so much.

It was the school’s annual function when Ana met John, another single parent of twin kids: Ashley and Amanda. Both  girls looked like angels. Tom was in the same class with them and they were friends. John was a farmer and Sarah the mother to his kids, fled with a guy who worked in his farms. He loved her so much that even after three years he was hoping that one day she will return to him. At first glance Ana thought that he was an idiot. John was very well mannered, well built and a dashing young man. Ana was wondering how  a girl could leave such a guy. Then she smiled thinking about her own life. Ana also found out that John was very likeable amongst the local crowd. Well, life could be very rude, she thought.

And now they were meeting at every school functions and bumping into the super market or at some fast food corner and kids loved it and so Ana and John. Tom, Ashley and Amanda were always hanging around together, they had their own world. They would call each other and talk about anything, the girls would tell him about the cows and chicken and how their pets would fell sick sometimes and in return Tom would prescribe them the medicines and promise them that he would operate each of the pets himself and would charge only 35 million dollars for every operation for which Amanda and Ashley would agree to. Ana and John would laugh at their stories. Two years passed by and things were getting better for Ana and John at their end.

One Friday night the kids were watching TV while John was sitting outside cleaning his guns and drinking some black coffee and suddenly he felt a very sharp pain and he screamed loudly. Ashley and Amanda ran outside and saw their dad holding his left leg with both his hands. He had been bitten by a scorpion. John was a strong man but the pain was killing him. Amanda ran to call Tom and luckily Ana was at home. She picked her medical aid box and  went with with Tom  towards their home. It took her 20 minutes to reach there. The property was bigger than she thought. Girls were waiting eagerly and hoping that, like in their games, Tom would operate upon John himself. Ana checked the bite and gave him the anti venom. That was the first time they touched each other. It was midnight so John asked Ana to stay back very shyly. Ana was hesitant but Tom and the little girls were already playing in their bedroom. Ana made some coffee and they both sat down talking about their past. Ana told her experiences in Africa. She avoided talking much about Brandon. Whereas John didn’t miss a thing about Sarah, he even spelt her name so Ana could pronounce her name right. Ana knew that a scorpion bite was easier to bear for John but Sarah was unbearable.

John took the couch and Ana went to his king size bed. She slept immediately. John brought her some snacks and a big jar of mango juice in the morning. He noticed her, she was the most beautiful woman he had seen and she was sleeping in his bed, so close but so far away. She woke up and saw John standing right in front of her. She was expecting a big kiss on her lips but smiled instead. Ana was in no rush because she wasn’t working this weekend. Even John wanted them to stay. The girls were already showing Tom their farm. Kids were happy. The situation was very confusing. Ana really wanted to stay but she still freshened up and called Tom. They parted sadly, the girls were almost crying because they hardly had anyone in their farmhouse with whom they could play. John promised to show up at the hospital after three days.

As planned, John went to the hospital and requested for Dr. Ana who was already waiting for him. Ana checked his wounds and gave him the required treatment. She was blushing while talking to John and suddenly John held her hand and pulled her close enough to tease her with his breath and he kissed her lips and Ana kissed him back. For a moment she melted like a candle. John looked straight into her eyes, she had glitters there. That was like a first kiss of their life. Without a word, John walked away leaving Ana alone in her chamber. She wanted to stop him forever. She closed her eyes and sat on her revolving chair. Her heart was pounding, is he the man she was waiting all her life? she thought, She was in love.

And there was this knock on the door and she said,” come in” and someone opened the door and said,” hello”. It was Brandon standing there. She was breathless.

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