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Breathless II- Final part (A story about doctors in Africa)

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"There was a pause and Brandon told him something that took her breath away"

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Written by Suresh Kumar

From Punjab, India

For Diario Literario Digital 

(Digital Literary Journal)

Second and final part of the story that started in

Breathless I

Ana didn’t know how to react, she was blank. All the time she had with Brandon was coming like splashes on her face. He was the last man on the earth she was expecting but that was exactly what was happening to her. Brandon on the other hand was as careless as he was years ago. He asked about Tom and told her that he was staying in the Regency Royal in the Room number 305 and invited them for dinner later in the evening which she agreed to mostly due to Tom. After he left, Ana finished her things and left the hospital in her BMW.

Tom had gone for his football game and was expected by six. She wanted to call John but then she hesitated, she had nothing to hide but she was confused. It was almost 4PM but she wanted to lie down for a while. She was remembering everything between her and Brandon. There were things which were really romantic and good when they had met first. Africa was tough. They were working 18 hours a day. Brandon was the only surgeon, so he was always booked solid and Ana alone looked after the OPD which was always open. People were helpless, there was hunger and poverty. They were newly married and were never together and that was Africa.

He came back from the game and Ana asked him if he wanted to go out for dinner and he said no, but jumped out of his seat when Ana told him that his Dad had arrived and wanted to see him . He called and told this to Amanda on the phone, the kid was really excited.

There were beautiful flowers at the door for Ana. Tom thought that it was from his Dad but Ana saw the card. It was from John. Ana didn’t want to call John now as she didn’t know what was going on. She changed clothes a few times as it was her first date in many years. She reached the hotel. Tom was very anxious. He knocked the door and saw his Dad standing there. Brandon picked him up in his arms and kissed his cheeks and held him very tight. There were tears. Brandon had brought him many gifts and Tom was so eager to show them to Amanda and Ashley. They decided to go out and hit a fast food corner. Tom was having fun as he was playing with the video games installed there. Suddenly someone held her dress and she was amazed to see Ashley and Amanda along with John standing there. Kids went to play with the games while John stood beside them. Ana felt bad for him but John made an excuse and walked away silently.


Half heartedly, Ana asked Brandon to come and stay a night with them which Tom insisted too. Before they reached Ana’s home, Tom was already sleeping so Brandon picked him up in his arms and carried him to his bedroom. Ana wished that the things wouldn’t have gone wrong between them. She fixed drinks and sat down in the living room. Brandon congratulated her for her success and applauded her about the way she had brought up Tom. Hesitatingly she asked him that what had brought him here after all these years.

There was a pause and Brandon told him something that took her breath away, He was HIV positive and was here to double check Tom and Ana. They were doctors and knew what they were talking about. Brandon told her that he knew this thing when he operated another HIV patient for a gun shot while she was pregnant. They never slept with each other after that, Brandon reminded her that. They were tested again when Tom was born. Ana was crying, she hugged him so tight that even Brandon couldn’t control his tears. Ana realised that why was he acting so funny after Tom was born and why he didn’t said a word at the time of their divorce.

Brandon pleaded for Ana and Tom to be checked again. Brandon also told her that he was not operating any more instead he only takes the OPD. The reason was obvious.

Ana was living with two different men and had received terrible shocking news. After the longest night of her life she woke up and went to the hospital for a few checks. Ana and Tom were not infected and that was a relief for her and for Brandon. After he told Ana that he no longer wanted to go back to Africa, she offered him to stay back there and take a job as a Medical advisor in the Government Hospital which was only 60 miles away from her house. And for once Brandon did not refuse. In a couple of days he was working in his new job.

Ana told every inch of their story to John except the HIV part. She was a doctor and she knew how people reacted to such things. Both of them started to see each other more often. Children were getting much closer to one another. Most of the weekends were spent together at his farm house unless Brandon was visiting Ana and Tom. John had met Brandon a few times and he even visited his farm house a couple of times.

Two years had passed and Brandon was getting weaker. Ana and John were planning their wedding before the New Year. Ashley and Amanda were going to be the flower girls and Brandon was going to be the best man. They planned their wedding venue in his farm house. So everyone including Brandon was invited as a part of the family. December 31st was decided as the wedding date. John insisted that Brandon must be there by Christmas eve as he was going to be on vacation anyway which he happily agreed upon because it was probably his last chance to be so close to his family. Brandon knew that he wouldn’t survive another six months. He was breaking inside, he cried thinking about Tom. He wanted to live but life was divorcing him this time and he was helpless. He was struggling but managed to keep calm. He resigned as a chief medical officer and December 12th was his last working day. He had already made his will in behalf of Tom. He was going to stay with Ana and Tom after his last day of the job and after their wedding he was going away once and for all.

On the Christmas Eve they all got together as planned. It was a happy moment for everyone. Ana knew that Brandon hasn’t got much time left. Her heart was breaking inside. Ana, John and Brandon were sitting outside under the false ceiling laid for the wedding and suddenly the ceiling fell down upon them. Ana and Brandon had a narrow escape but a big iron rod pierced through John. He was in pain. Brandon checked his pulse and asked Ana to call for ambulance. There was no surgeon available there so Brandon decided to operate himself. Ana wasn’t sure because Brandon was very weak but there wasn’t much time left and she knew that. The operation went through all night and was successful. Ana monitored John in the recovery.

John opened up his eyes in the late afternoon the next day. Ana told him that Brandon performed the operation. To her surprise, Brandon didn’t come to see them again and didn’t even return her calls. The very next morning when Ana entered the hospital the doctor on duty told her that Brandon was found dead this same morning by a ward boy. Ana ran to see him and started crying very loud. She couldn’t understand why Brandon came to her life once again. John found it very strange too. Ana and John decided to bury him in the property of John. On December31st, his burial ceremony took place. They decided to postpone their marriage for a month. They owed this much to Brandon. John was the best gift he could give to Ana, he was alive only because of Brandon's intervention, and Ana knew it.

John married Ana and Tom became the best man. Life could do anything to anyone at any stage as it is so uncertain. One must perform their KARMA to tht best of their ability.

This story is dedicated to the people who got affected by HIV. They need to be morally supported but they must also lead their life as a hero, like Brandon. With his last breath he saved someone’s life, tried to settle his family. I salute such heroes.

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